In our service

     We fully understand that the industrial supplies hold a decisive position in your activity. This is why S.E.I. guarantees an irreproachable quality of service… before, during and after your purchase, we remain available and attentive to your evolving needs.

In our parts choices

     In order to respond to your inquiries, we keep  widening our or range of suppliers offering original parts, OEM or also generic parts.

  • Original parts : Spare parts exclusively from the manifacturer’s distribution chain. The packaging therefore shows the brand and logo of the manifacturer.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts : Refers to the parts equipped on a factory new machine. The manufacturer subcontracts the production process of these particular parts.
  • Generic parts, also known as Aftermarket : Although coming from a parallel distribution chain of the manufacturer’s, these generic-branded parts are a solid qualitative alternative for all your machines.
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